Q: Is there an extra charge for
mileage, holidays, nights, or
A: Mileage is 50 cents per mile;
major holidays are charged your
regular rate plus one half; nights and
weekends are charged at your
regular rate.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: We accept credit card checks, but
not credit cards.

Q: Do you charge a deposit?
A: We begin with a retainer of up to
one weeks charges. The retainer is
refunded for any unused services.
Q: Will I have the same assistant each
A: We introduce a primary assistant and
up to two (2) alternate assistants to every
client to assure consistent service and

Q: Am I responsible to pay taxes on my
A: No. The assist is an employee of Home
Companions. We accept all employer tax
and insurance responsibilities.

Q: Can my assistant work for me after
A: No. Our employee can not work for any
client directly or indirectly for one year
during or after our signed agreement.
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