Customized Personal Care
Our experienced assistants provide hands-on care with daily living activities for aging adults
who need additional aid or are unable to complete these tasks independently due to

Companionship and Transportation
Whether we're preparing you for, or accompanying you to events, festivities, movies, or to a
restaurant or appointments; assisting you with writing letters; playing games or arts and
crafts; reading; or discussing current events, Home Companions provides social
stimulation, reduces stress, and boosts self-esteem.

We'll help make your grocery list; accompany you or prepare money and coupons to do the
grocery shopping; put the groceries away; prepare and serve tasty meals; make meals in
advance; run errands to the bank; pick up prescriptions; pick up the mail; routine tidy-up
housekeeping; change the linens, do the laundry, and make the bed.

Medicine Routines
Medicine reminders; assistance with self- administered medications to include: assistance
opening packages, bottles, and ensuring the correct dose is taken at the right time, and
medication is refilled. In addition, medicine can be picked-up and delivered to your home
via your assistant.

Hospital and Facility Respite
Our assistants can provide security, comfort and support; provide companionship and keep
family updated (if requested) during your stay.

Overnight Respite
Overnight care and support will give the family caregiver peace of mind and a good night
sleep; knowing that their loved one has an experienced assistant available throughout the

Dementia Respite
Time off for the family caregiver is critical to maintain health and relieve stress.

Overnight Support
Aging adults needing an experienced assistant throughout the night to assist with bedtime
routine, toileting, catheter care, personal hygiene, medicine routine, and redirect confusion,
agitation, or wandering behaviors due to dementia or other sleep disorders.

Discharge to Home
Our team of care professionals and assistants provide a range of customized services to
assist you during your transition from a medical procedure, hospital stay, discharge from
physical rehab, or healthcare facility; when rest is the most important prescription for
healing, and privacy is essential. We offer personalized care and support, transportation
(ambulatory adults), homemaking, and companion services. Our services enable you to
rest, and assist with essential tasks, allowing you quality recovery time to heal.

Rates and Responsibility
Affordable for most budgets, self/private pay, long-term care insurance, veterans and
waiver benefits as applicable.
We bill weekly, other than the initial retainer that is refunded for any unused service, you
pay after services are received. All of our assistants are employees of Home Companions,
so you never have to worry about keeping up with their time. Our telephony system, Home
Trak, allows our time keepers to track time just by using your home telephone to call into
the system when the assistant arrives and call out of them system when the assist departs.
It's that easy! Home Companions takes care of all the payroll taxes and payments to
Medicare and Social Security. In addition, we provide our assistants with workers
compensation insurance, should an accident happen, the assistant is covered.

Matching and Scheduling
Our assistants are matched to meet your needs, personality, and preferences. The
relationship built between you and our assistants are very important to a healthy on-going
relationship, and the success of Home Companions. We work tirelessly to recruit quality  
assistants for our care team by assuring good moral character, thorough criminal, drug and
health screenings, and qualify training and work experience through educational, employer,
and personal references. This value driven work ethic has earned us an excellent
reputation and the favor of health care providers, business professionals, and most
importantly, from aging adults who may not have considered the idea of in-home care until
they knew how much we cared about their well-being.

Care Management
Daily management of financial and lifestyle affairs is essential to individual freedom and
independence. Only our care managers are assigned to meet the intimate details such as,
coordinating appointments, making reservations, online purchasing, reservations, and
logistics to performances, vacation travel, handling correspondences such as writing
letters, holiday cards, invitations, and announcements, financial responsibilities such as
daily money management for paying bills, grocery and personal shopping, checkbook
balancing, banking, and coordinating home maintenance, deliveries among many other
tasks. Our care managers are qualified, bonded, and insured to assure the highest ethical
Your Benefits
The benefits of using Home Companions is in the manner your service is
provided. Home Companions makes tireless efforts to recruit and train
experienced professional assistants for our care team to provide your service in
a conscientious manner; considering your concerns and needs first, before
carrying out each task. Each task is executed by keeping these ten benefits in
  • Prevention
  • Encouragement
  • Dignity
  • Compliance
  • Assistance
  • Support
  • Independence
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Security
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